Bully Prevention Program

Serving greater Portland and Cumberland county

Supporting teachers & parents to help children who are victims or potential victims.

Martial Artists, Educators, and Parents Working Together to Reduce the Opportunities for and Pressures of Bullying


Clean Clothing, Bully Prevention Education, and Advocacy when and where it is needed.



Supporting Teacers

Teachers Identify children in need of help and refer them to us.



Identifying children in need and serving as support and advocates for these children.


Supporting Parents

After children are identified we will work with them to do what we can to advocate for their children at school and other social situations.

What is Clothed in Confidence?

This is a national program that originated out of a desire to make martial arts teachers and schools a support and advocacy center for children who are being bullied or need help with things that might make them targets of being bullied. Our Dojo is partnering with this organization to be a local resource for Portland and Cumberland county teachers, administrators, students and parents.

How does it works?

  1. Any teacher who identifies a child at risk can contact our dojo and we will act to solve this problem as a partner. If a child is for any reason not able to have clean well fitting clothes that help them feel as they fit in and feel confident. We will identify what is needed and work to correct this issue.
  2. Any teacher who identifies a child at risk of being bullied or who is currently being bullied can refer them to us and we will provide them an Confidence Course consisting of an Intro month of Aikido Lessons, we will assign them a mentor from the dojo leadership team to be an advocate at school and in the dojo. If there is more advocacy that is needed for this child the dojo will do what we can to support them. There is no cost to the child or the school for any of this and it is our way of helping children and empowering the young leaders in our dojo to solve problems.

How can you participate?

Teachers can contact us directly at 207-879-9207 or by email at info@aikidoofmaine.com Individuals can help with clothing gift certificates or provide your contact so when a need is presented we can call on you to help. Anyone can help spread the word to any school teacher or administrator in Cumberland county.

We  pledge to act as an advocate, whenever possible, for a child who is being bullied and needs help. Our goal is that no child in our sphere of influence who is being bullied, in any capacity, feels as though he or she has nobody to to turn to for support.

Teacher identifies a child in need and gets in touch with our dojo through our contact info or with one of our ambassadors.

We will Respond immediately to any school teacher’s call for help with a child in need of clean, adequate, properly fitting clothing.

Tom Callos and Julia Butterfly Hill, Co-Hosts of C.C.C.A.

Tom Callos started martial art classes in1969, he still practices and has been an advocate of the best practies in martial arts dojo’s. His work is about connecting the best works with comunities and helping Teachers be the best they can be.   He is now involved with programs like the “acts of kindness” program (www.thinkkindness.org), The Ultimate Black Belt Test, and Alabama Buildvention and co founded this Clothed in Confidence community Alliance.

Julia Butterfly Hill is an American activist and author. She is best known for having lived in a 180-foot (55 m)-tall, roughly 1500-year-old California redwood tree for 738 days between December 10, 1997 and December 18, 1999. Hill lived in the tree, affectionately known as Luna, to prevent Pacific Lumber Company loggers from cutting it down. She is the author The Legacy of Luna and co-author of One Makes the Difference.


Subject: Advocacy, by the martial arts teacher, on behalf of a child being bullied.

As a participating dojo with The Clothed in Confidence Community Alliance, we will speak or writes in support or defense of an child brought to our attention. When we becomes aware of a child being bullied by another person, of any age, we will speak out and take action on behalf of the child. We will report suspected child maltreatment. While bullying is not always given the same scrutiny and concern that cases of child abuse receive, bullying can cause much pain and suffering both in a victim’s life and the lives of their parents or guardians. As the local participant of The CCCA, we will use our position, persistence, communication skills, and willingness to engage as a tool to stop bullying if and when a child or parent requests or requires it. Our Dojo, along with parents, a parent, and/or guardian should communicate directly and assertively with teachers, school administrators, and when required, with the media, to bring bullying abuse into the light and under the scrutiny of adults who can take appropriate action.

We will report and advocate  whenever when ever we  learn of a child being bullied or abused, physically, verbally, or psychologically.

If you’re a teacher or parent reading this, looking for an understanding of the program and the intent behind it, please allow me to offer the following explanation:

We want to help. We can’t help everyone, all the time, with everything that people need help with, but we do have access to some resources, especially when it comes to giving a young person a leg up in the world. In The Clothed in Confidence Community Alliance, dojo will be part of the community that helps kids fit in, feel confident, and to live as free from the pain and pressure of bullying as one can — to be competent, capable, and compassionate adults in their circle of friends and protectors

We will go beyond the call of duty to help any child you refer to the program, any child you’re seeking to help. If we can’t help them ourselves, we will help connect you to people who can. Our role is to come to your aid, when and if we can, as problem solvers and helpers. We’ll do this without any expectation of “return on investment” whatsoever. There’s no sales pitch connected to this work, no ulterior motives. We consider it part of our practice to help children who need help in our communities.

If a child needs some clean pants, underclothes, a clean and well-fitting shirt, sweater, coat, hat, gloves, or shoes, just call, text, or e-mail us, and she or he will make things happen. Furthermore, if you have a child in your sphere of influence that you recognize is being bullied, in any fashion — or that you fear may become a victim of bullying for any reason, we will step up and work with that child to build his or her confidence and bully-prevention knowledge.

There isn’t a single person involved in this project that hasn’t, at one time or another, had someone step up for them in a time of need. This is our “pay-it-forward,” our deep bow of respect for the kindness and compassion of people who could help — and did.If you need some assistance, someone to help you help a child, call on us. If we’re capable of helping, we will — not just once, but any time we can.

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