The Perfect martial art for your child

The goal of our youth martial art program is to provide a safe, positive and noncompetitive environment for the practice of Aikido. As a martial art, Aikido fosters a healthy outlook, develops respect for self and others, and cultivates flexibility and coordination. The principles of centering and blending our energy with that of our partner are also emphasized with out the use of competition and tournaments. We work with parents and welcome their input. Challenge and fun are essential elements of our children’s program. Our Classes are structured in 4 age breaks to provide the best learning opportunity. It is easy to get your child started just

Program descriptions below

Aiki-Play Ages 3 to 5 year old class

This is a great age to begin Aikido. The dojo is a very positive environment for children. Our classes are energetic and at the same we emphasize focus, respect and cooperation. The children start building body awareness, coordination & flexibility. We play cooperative games while the children begin to learn Aikido movements and principles.

Gabe had the BEST time in your class! This will be so good for him and we really loved your interaction with the kids in that you were firm and gentle at the same time.

Gigi G mom to 4 year old boy

Aiki kids ages 5 to 8 years of age

The focus of class incorporates all to the items in our Aiki Play group, however we dive deeper into conflict resolution, character development and the partner practice of aikido techniques. Class starts with a seated bow and end with sweating smiling faces. We utilize a stripe and color belt promotion system that recognizes and rewards the child for techniques and skills learned in class such as focus, awareness partnering and effort along with the monthly focus. We also have an achievement program that supports the family by acknowledging and rewarding good habits practiced at home.

Hi Gary,
Devon and I wanted to thank you for class yesterday, it not only went well, but we were admiring what a great teacher you are and how lucky we feel to have found you.
Amelia’s and Ben just love aikido, I would like to bring Amelia’s Friend Nori next week as she is dying to try.

Melissa B. mom to 4 year old boy and 7 year old girl.

Aikido children Class 8-12 years of age

The focus of this program is on the fundamental movement , skills and principles of Aikido, i.e. rolling, knee-walking, centering, blending and extending energy. Basic self-defense technique, stance, posture, and presence and creative solutions to conflict(Centering) are highlighted. We also play with games that embody Aikido principles. In addition, students learn the basic techniques of Aikido and their Japanese names. testing with Colored and stripes etc. are awarded for progress with testing at the discretion of the instructor for progress made in training. The testing process is designed to enhance confidence and self-esteem and goal setting with the child and the family. Each child is given personal attention in this process. We also offer a sword and staff program for children who are ready for this kind of work.

We were a bit worried about Atticus when he started aikido. He was such a grumpy-Gus, and had a hard time joining in on group activities. Now he flourishes in class, but also in his daily life outside class. He’s had an easier time making friends, and joining in fun group activities, joyfully.

Monica mom to 8year old Boy

Aikido Teen ages 12 to 17 years of age

This class is structured much like an adult class. The focus is on Aikido principles and technical development. Aikido is presented to this group at a very high level. New members mix well with long  time members. Belt level testing is also part of the training for this group and is conducted at the discretion of the teacher. Fitness is built in to all parts of this class and we hope that it is a spring board to healthy lifestyle choices children make as they get older and reflect on when they become adults. All aspects of Aikido principal and philosophy are brought into the practice.

We are very grateful everyday for what you and your teachings have done for Nicholas over the last 8 years. He isn’t a ‘typical’ 16 year old…thank goodness. He is articulate, self assured, most of the time and seems to have a solid core thanks to Aikido. Your teachings will help him to make healthy choices for himself as he approaches independence and sees others around him not making good decisions for themselves.

Claire Mom to 16 year old boy