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One Month adult Intro invitation!


This is the best way for new students to begin their martial art practice at Aikido of Maine. It includes a one month of practice and a Free uniform, you will participate in basics classes and can participate in all open classes once you fee ready.  During your first month you will learn a few techniques, gain a good sense of the dojo and practice, and you will feel your confidence building. Aikido is a practice and our goal is to be welcoming to new students and to help make sure you have a positive experience and build a good foundation for continuing at our dojo.
Before we schedule your first class check the schedule and fill in the online waiver from the link below.

Most of our students start with our evening basics – Tuesday  7:10pm and Thursday 6:00pm- there are other options if these times do not work for your schedule contact us and we are happy to help you find a way to start that works well for you We look forward to welcoming you to the dojo!
SCHEDULE and see what classes work best.

Still have questions? CONTACT US and let us know how we can help.

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Start experiencing the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of Aikido. Our Aikido intro will introduce you to our martial art as a practice. Aikido teaches self-defense while offering physical conditioning including flexibility, core strength and endurance. Regular practice reduces stress and improves focus, while providing an opportunity for self-discovery and its lots of fun! It is easy to get started just sign up for our intro and come to class and enjoy experience.
We are looking forward to having you join us and if we can help at all please let us know. CONTACT

“I had a blast in last nights class. It was just what I was looking for. The instruction was great and everyone was welcoming and patient.


Mike R.

“For my part, you have taught me so much and have given me such joy that it is impossible to describe. Sure, I started late, but better late than not at all. Aikido has really improved my life. I know that you and Ania are humble and that it is hard for you two to accept such praise and gratitude, but you deserve it. I so appreciate the time you take with everyone of us to polish our skills and our spirits. Plus, you both make me laugh”


Dr. August Valenti


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