Fun Games managed by our leadership group (senshin )
Come in costume and enjoy. All youth members and their friends and families are welcome!
This is a pot luck party and the dojo will have treats and prizes.
Please be mindful that we have dojo members and guests who have peanut allergies!
We are thinking about moving toward making Aikido of Maine a peanut and tree nut free environment.
Party time is 1:00pm – 2:45pm

We had a great party! the senhin members did a wonderful job preparing games and setting up and running a fun party. About 40 kids showed up.
More planning next! thanks to our leadership team for the great projects and efforts! We had members in Karate costumes playing the part of ninjas.
we had tigers alligators, samurai, mine craft characters, witches, zombies and other fearsome beings. Oh yes the local police brothers.