Children’s program FAQ

How does my child get started?
Sign your child up for our intro, fill in our online waiver and check our schedule or call us at 207-879-9207 to discuss which time is best for your child’s age and experience level. If you reach our voicemail, please leave your contact information and we will get back to you promptly. You may also contact us by email at or fill in our contact form.

How do I sign my child up after the intro classes
After the into you would select the membership option that makes the most sense to your child and family. You may join month to month or for a 6 month or one year term. We are happy to send our membership structure just fill in our online waiver and ask for it, we usually proivide this after the first intro class.

How old can a child be and practice aikido?
We are open to 4.5 year olds who are ready and we can all determine this after an intro. We also offer an Aiki Play group for 3.5 to 5 year olds. Please check our schedule.

How would you compare Aikido to something like Tae Kwon Do? Both are martial arts Tae Kwon Do and other Karate styles have a lot of solo work with kicking ,punching and pattern movement ,they often have sparing and tournaments.Aikido is a partner practice where one is attacked by a grab or strike and then they bring the partner under control or down to the ground. There is??falling and rolling and the practice is filled with movement and fun. There are many examples of different arts on youtube and below are two that help answer?this?question . ?Aikido’s message of creating harmony out of conflict and improving the world and the fact that there is no competition in the practice makes it a perfect art for kids and families. It is a path and?practice so there is always more to learn .?Here is a link on how to choose a school that also will help as you look at options for your child.

Is Aikido about learning to fight?
No. While children learn non-aggressive self-defense techniques, aikido emphasizes bringing balance and harmony to any situation. Children develop confidence that becomes apparent in their daily interactions.

How will aikido benefit my child?
Aikido is a multifaceted discipline where children learn focus, athleticism, confidence and how to master a complex art form. Children learn how to be a productive member of a group and how to be sensitive to others. Rather than seeking immediate gratification, they gain the kind of patience that allows them to see the benefits of long-term dedication. The philosophical underpinning of aikido points towards good social tendencies. Children learn an approach to life that follows them into the classroom, the playground, other physical activities and in their social interaction.

How do color belts work for children?
We have four age groups and each has its own belt system. Skill tests are done monthly and members earn belt stripes and after 2-4 stripes individual tests are taken for color belts. The kids 5-7 year olds are white based belts the children 7-11 are color based belts and teens are grey based belts.

Do I need to watch my child?s class?
Although they are encouraged to watch as much as possible on a regular basis, parents may come and go during their children?s class time. We know that life can get hectic, preventing you from always being at your child?s class.

The best way to get a feel for our approach is to come and train with us.
What should my child wear for aikido class?
Children wear a martial art uniform or gi and in summer are permitted to wear a non logo tee shirt or Aikido tee . Uniforms cost $45 and are often included in our get started offer.