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Teachers Bio

Gary Small Is a godan (5th dan) in Aikido. Gary began his martial arts and Aikido training in 1974. In 1988, he joined Shobu Aikido of Boston under the direction of William Gleason sensei. He travels to many Aikido seminars and camps to continue his training as a teacher and student of Aikido. Prior to his move to Maine, he ran a sporting goods sales and marketing company covering the six New England states. This work helped facilitate the family move to Maine and establishment of Aikido of Maine in 2000

” Having a dojo is an incredible privilege, it is a constant learning experience and a true pleasure to spend my time thinking about our practice and how we can make our dojo a better place. I am very captivated by the power of aikido in peoples lives and from a training perspective I am most interested in the connection aspect of practice and how we can put O sensei’s teachings of creating harmony and improving the world into physical form.” ” I am always excited with the many ways aikido can help people who are in need of transition and am humbled by the power of the practice to help people improve their lives” Wether you are new to aikido and interested in training for your self or for a child, our dojo offers a variety of ways to find out more about the practice.

Ania Small Is a godan (5th dan) in Aikido. She began her Aikido training in Warsaw, Poland in 1983. In 1990, Ania joined Shobu Aikido of Boston. Ania also studies with Saotome at the Aiki Shrine in Florida and Ikeda sensei and other teachers at camps and seminars.Ania received her P.H.D. in counseling psychology from Northeastern University in 1999; her dissertation topic was Mindfulness based stress reduction for dealing with ADHD. She is interested in “Mind Body Health”, and more specifically, stress reduction, and life style changes that promote health. She incorporates in her work mindfulness and Aikido principles in dealing with emotional and attention issues. She has a private practice in Freeport Maine.

“I came across Aikido class completely by accident, while returning a book to a friend. If you asked me then if I was interested in Martial Arts, I would have said no, but what I saw, completely captivated me. I loved the beauty of Aikido movement, I noticed that people were enjoying the practice and later learned that it was a non-competitive art. After participating in competitive team sports, I was looking for a physical activity I could enjoy and engage in without the focus on winning or loosing. Now, years later, I fell very lucky to have Aikido in my life. It gives me a great physical workout, including aerobic exercise, strength and core training as well as opportunity for self discovery and growth. Aikido practice continues to teach me about energy, power, conflict resolution and relationships. Studying and teaching Aikido is an integral part of my life. Through it, I met many people and build many friendships. I have also had opportunities to travel and study with amazing teachers.”

Abby Morgan AOM Summer camp program director

“I began my training at Aikido of Maine in 2004 when I moved to Portland after college. In 2007 I earned my teaching degree and moved to China for 2 years where I taught Kindergarten and Science at an international school near Hong Kong. During this time I did not have a dojo to train at, but studied some Tai Chi and Yoga. I continued my Aikido training in 2009 and have been teaching in the South Portland School system since. I currently teach 5th grade at Small School and am working towards completing my Master’s Degree in Education. I think of myself as a camp counselor who accidentally got involved in teaching, and enjoy spending part of my summer vacation running AOM’s summer camp. My husband also teaches 5th grade and trains at Aikido of Maine. In my spare time I enjoy gardening and spending time outdoors.”

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