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How do I get started?

You can always begin with one of our intros. These are structured to make it easy for you to learn about our dojo and the practice and are a great value as it is our approach to advertising.

What happens after I do an Intro?

After the into we can discuss membership. we have different ways to join and our hope its to have flexible options and make it easy to become a member of the dojo.

How old can a child be and practice aikido?

We take members in our Aikido kids atas a guide line. we are open to 4.5 year olds who are ready and we can all determine this after an intro. We also offer an Aiki Play group for 3.5 to 5 year olds. Please check our schedule.

How old can I be and still practice aikido?

This is based on fitness and desire. We have members who are in their 60’s and people practice aikido for lifetimes. That said we will help you assess weather the practice works for you just give a call and we are happy to explore this with you.

If I am busy how can I fit aikido into my life?

We have a flexible schedule and are happy to work training plan with you.

How many days do i need to practice aikido?

2 to 3 time a week is average. we have members who come every day and some who come once a week. We are happy to help you work out a training plan and understand life is busy for many people. If time is not an issue 3 or more is great.

How does rank work for adults?

Our dojo is a member of the ASU a national organization and we follow the guidelines set out by in the training hand book. To learn more check out ASU members HANDBOOK .

How do color belts work for children?

We have three age groups and each has their own system. Skill tests are done monthly and members earn belt stripes and after 2-4 stripes individual tests are taken for color belts. The kids 5-7 year olds are white based belts the children are color based belts and teens are grey based belts.

Do you practice weapons?

Yes we use the sword and staff and knife. we have solo , paired practice and We practice takaways.

What kind of Aikido do you practice?

I asked a teacher this question once and got the answer Aikido is Aikido. while this is true there are viewpoints and teaching influences that affect the practice in individual dojos. Our Dojo lineage and influences are outlined here

The bestway to get a feel for our approach is to come and train with us.

How long does it take to get a black belt?

It depends on the hours per week and effort put forward. It is possible to do this in 4 years but it usually takes longer.


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