2018 Summer Seminar and Lobster Bake- June 22-24

Aikido and Lobster at Aikido of Maine

This will be Ikeda sensei’s 13th visit to our dojo and what promises to be a wonderful weekend event!
For those needing accommodations, the dojo is sleeping bag friendly and has shower facilities. Guests may also find space with local dojo members with some advanced planning. Portland or Freeport would be good hotel options!
If we can help you with your plans please let us know!


Shoshin by Hiroshi Ikeda sensei Click to open

Translated by Jun Akiyama, edited by Ginger Ikeda

When it comes to computers, peripherals and all the neat gadgets that are making their electronic way into our lives and hearts, anyone who doesn’t have “shoshin” or “beginner’s mind” is out of luck. Even the experts are on a continual learning curve. They may teach, lecture and write books, but if they don’t keep up with the ever-expanding body of knowledge and creative applications, they quickly become passe.

As I talk with people in these fields, the conversations are laced with words like “exciting,” “ramped up,” “expansion,” and “scale.” The enthusiasm is palpable. These people are clearly having a great time learning new things. They can’t wait to see what is coming around the bend – or better yet, to have a crack at creating the next thing coming around the bend.

What about our world of martial arts? How can we achieve and sustain this level of enthusiasm in our training? Just imagine how fast we all could grow if we always maintained shoshin, beginner’s mind.

“Shoshin” refers to the spirit, mindset, and posture that we have when we first start learning something. Can you recall as a child how spellbound you were by a roly-poly? Or how fascinating ice was? Or, as a teen, how eagerly you mastered the controls of an automobile? Do you recall the thrill of accomplishment the first time you managed a breakfall?

In various disciplines in Japan, practitioners are advised, “Do not forget the spirit of shoshin.” O Sensei directed those of us in aikido to “train with joyfulness.” It is clear that he understood the nature of learning.

George Leonard sensei writes in his book Education and Ecstasy, “To learn is to change.” He further writes, “At its best, its most effective, its most unfettered, the moment of learning is a moment of delight.”

When we start studying our chosen art, we often exhibit an adventuresome spirit: “I’ll go see anything,” “I want to learn that,” “Let me try that,” “How did that happen?” “I want to hear what you think.” We mustn’t lose these thoughts, though it does tend to happen.

As we progress through the months and years of our practice, we inevitably become knowledgeable within our pursuit, and our tendency is often to lose the ability to hear what others have to say. In other words, we start to become satisfied with ourselves. We lose our ability to see beyond ourselves, we shut out the new, and we stifle our own growth. We become prisoners of the dreaded “C” word — complacency.

It is so easy for this to happen. We become sempai and feel a little smug; we have X many years of training under our belts, so we’re pretty good; we become senior students and instructors with teaching responsibilities and are expected to have answers. But if we don’t maintain shoshin, we will become jaded, and our growth will come to a halt. It is a sad thing.

By maintaining the ability to wonder, explore, listen to others, and to experiment, we are able to take in knowledge above and beyond that which we already have. Just by changing our mindset, the improvement of our abilities beyond those we currently possess is inevitable.

When we encounter an idea that we think will help us improve, we must enlarge our spirit and listen to what we hear, for only then can we draw a conclusion as to whether it may be of value to us.

Shoshin is to have a mind like a sheet of crisp white paper, blank and receptive to the ink of ideas. As the paper absorbs the ink, miraculously the once blank paper is transformed into a letter full of meaning.

Lobster Bake directions click to open

This year we will host a traditional shore-side lobster bake! We do this with a hot fire and cook top, we then layer lobster, corn and other sea food along with seaweed. This and our brunch on Saturday are included as part of the seminar. Family and guests are welcome, fee for guests is $25. We also will do our best to get the correct number of lobster and if you would like more than one this is also available for $10.
The Party is about 40 minutes from the dojo! It is on an Island and there is a foot bridge to get you there. Parking is on The road as the driveway is not ours. my cell is 207-725-9207. Bring a bathing suit and some water shoes if you wish, we will forage for muscels while the fire gets going.

Directions to Leavitt Island, Cundy’s Harbor:

Rte. 295 North (20 minutes)
Take the exit to Rte 1 North, Brunswick, Bath
Follow Rte 1 North to Cooks Corner Exit (bends left after a couple of miles)
Go straight through the lights in Cook’s Corner and follow Rte 24 South for 4 miles
Take a left on Cundy’s Harbor Road and follow it for 4 miles
Take a right on Oakhurst Island Rd (4th drive way)
Park the car on Oakhurst Island Rd near Leavitt Island Lane. The drive way is not ours , so please don’t drive down Leavitt Island Ln.
Walk down the driveway (Leavitt Island Lane) and over the bridge.

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Blood Borne Pathogen Policy
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To protect the dojo family against disease, Aikido of Maine has adopted the following policy intended to minimize the risk of transmission of HIV, Hepatitis-B and other blood borne pathogens during training activities. Current available medical evidence suggests that the risk of transmission of HIV during the type of contact that occurs in Aikido training is extremely slight. Organizations such as the NCAA, the National Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Sports Medicine, and the U.S. Olympic Committee have concluded that persons affected with blood-borne pathogens, particularly HIV, should not be barred from participating in contact sports. Certain federal and state anti-discrimination laws may also prohibit such a ban. These organizations have also concluded that the already slight risk of transmission of HIV and other blood-borne pathogen diseases can be reduced further by the adoption of the Center for Disease Control-recommended “Universal Precautions”. This Dojo will observe these “Universal Precautions”. Generally this means that instructors and persons training in this dojo shall treat all exposed body fluids as if they were infected. Specifically, the following measures will be observed at all times:

  1. If you have any open cuts or sores, you must clean them with a suitable antiseptic and cover them securely with a leakproof dressing before coming onto the mat. Make sure that the cut or sore stay covered while you are training. If your hands or feet have broken skin, suitable gloves or tabi may be worn to cover these areas. If you notice that someone else has an open cut or sore remind them of their obligation before training with that person.
  2. If a bleeding wound, even a minor one, occurs during training, the person bleeding shall immediately stop training and leave the mat until the bleeding stops and the wound is securely covered. Immediate measures shall be taken to stop the bleeding. If the person needs assistance with this then each person assisting shall wear a pair of latex gloves (which are available in the dojo first aid kit). Hands shall be washed with soap and hot water immediately after gloves are removed. All used gloves, bloody dressings and rags, etc shall be placed in a leakproof plastic bag provided for that purpose. All contaminated items should be disposed of carefully. Minor bloodstains on Gi should be treated with a disinfectant provided for this purpose. If there are major blood stains the Gi shall be removed as soon as possible, placed into a leakproof container and handled carefully until it can be laundered or disposed of.
  3. If you come into contact with the blood of another, you shall immediately stop training, leave the training area and wash the exposed area thoroughly with soap and hot water before returning.
  4. If blood is present on the mat, the training partner of the person bleeding shall insure that no one inadvertently comes into contact with the blood, while the bleeding person attends to his injury (in accordance with #2, above). The blood should be cleaned up as soon as possible by wiping the exposed surface with a disinfectant solution provided for this purpose. Each person assisting with this task shall put on a pair of latex gloves and shall wash their hands with soap and hot water immediately after the gloves are removed. It is preferable however that the person bleeding clean their own blood. Bloody rags and used gloves shall be disposed of as set out in Paragraph 2.

Finally, there are other diseases and illnesses aside from those transmitted through blood. You are reminded that you are responsible for not only your own health and safety but the health and safety of others with whom you train. If you know or suspect that you have any illness or disease which might infect others, please refrain from training until you are no longer a risk to others. This self-defense and consideration of yourself and your fellow Budoka is your responsibility and part of your training. It is embodied in the spirit of the Budo we study.
I make this agreement on behalf of myself, my heirs, successors, executors, estate, and dependents. By clicking on “Accept”, I am asserting that I am over 18 years of age, and that I am an adult.

Seminar schedule

  • Friday  

6:00pm – 8:00pm

  • Saturday


Brunch 12:00pm-1:15pm


  • Lobster Bake 5pm 
  • Sunday

10:00am-12:30 pm